Our Predictions for Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green

This certainly doesn't look like a couple who filed for divorce! Good for them. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have certainly reconciled since she became pregnant, and they look happier than ever walking along the beach in Kona, Hawaii over the weekend.

So what are our predictions for this couple? Well, first let's review their relationship history...

They married five years ago and have two children together already with a third on the way. They filed for divorce last year, but have clearly rekindled things.

We're feeling good about this complicated relationship. It feels real and raw and geniune. And it's not necessarily the pregnancy that's brought them back together. They already have two kids together and were splitting despite that, so there must be something more here.

The first couple years of marriage are said to be the hardest. Add in a couple kids and that can't be easy. They seem to have hit rock bottom, and come out the other side with a new perspective. They clearly don't care what people think. They're not concerned with public perceptions. They're taking things a step at a time and doing what's right for them.

We think that maybe they've rediscovered what brought them together in the first place. This relationship has revitalized romance, plus history... and that's a pretty good equation. We think these two could be in for the longhaul, and we're pulling for them. But will they both always be at flight risk?

Here's our evaluation.


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