Our Updated Ranking of JoJo Fletcher's Men On The Bachelorette


This is quite a crop of bros, dudes, and dweebs. Poor JoJo has a long road ahead of her.

To summarize last night's episode, Grant and Luke got kisses and Wells got a pity rose. James S., Will, and Brandon were all sent home.

Chad is quickly being cast as the villain - and the most enthusiastic of all the men about the show's free food... (Seriously, he was eating in almost every single shot all evening). The other guys are getting fed up with him, but so far, JoJo still seems on board.

Derek - deservingly - got the first one-on-one date at the Golden Gate Bridge and proved to be one of JoJo's more normal, handsome, and realistic options.

So after these firey and competitive group dates, where does that leave our ranking? These are our three frontrunners, in order.

1.) Derek. He was our favorite last week, and he's still our favorite. He stays above the drama, he's smart, and he's handsome.

2.) Jordan. He's the fan favorite for a reason.

3.) Chad. This one might surprise you, but he's trying to be honest and break the mold. We like that he's trying to keep things real - even if he's making some enemies along the way!


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