Perfect Celebrity Couples That Haven't Happened Yet

Celebrities aren't always known for choosing the right person, or the lasting relationship. But WE are!

C'mon, we're allowed to dream, and this is our latest wish list of celebrities we would like to see together in the future!


1.) Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Okay, so she's not exactly his "type," but that's okay! So far his type has been a string of flings with leggy blonde models... but that hasn't exactly worked out for him longterm. What Kate and Leo have going for them is that they're best friends. And since we already know they have on screen chemistry, surely they can take that chemistry off screen, right?? One other minor hurdle... Kate Winslet is married right now - to her third husband. We're not trying to be homewreckers here, but we can dream, right? They were so cute together throughout this awards season!


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2.) Bradley Cooper and Haley Berry. He's in a new relationship and she's newly separated. They're two of the most attractive people in the world and both very passionate about acting. The timing on this one could be just perfect!


3.) Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. You know they've thought about it. And Ben is single now.


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