Phil Collins Back With Third Ex-Wife After 7 Years & $47 Million Divorce Settlement

By Johnny Lopez


After three failed marriages, Phil Collins has found love again -- with one of his ex-wives.

Eight years after divorcing, the 64-year-old "Sussudio" singer has rekindled with third ex-wife Orianne.

"I haven't really talked about it," Collins told Billboard"We've been together for a while, and nobody's noticed."

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What everyone did notice was the record-breaking divorce settlement the singer paid out to Orianne in 2008.

After their nine year marriage disintegrated, Collins shelled out $47 million to his ex which at the time was one of the biggest settlements in Britain's history. Does she have to give it back?

The couple have two sons together, Matthew, 14, and Nicholas, 10.



Orianne Collins & Nicholas Collins

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In between their divorce and subsequent reconciliation, Orianne went on to marry, divorce and have a child with another man.

Meanwhile Collins dated news anchor Dana Tyler for four years before splitting in 2015. He's also battled substance abuse issues and has been sober for the last three years.

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The former Genesis frontman was previously married to Jill Tavelman and Andrea Bertorelli.

Now with their controversial history behind them, Phil and Orianne are making up for lost time and living the good life in Miami together.

Against all odds!



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