Belly Nice! Pregnant Coco Shows Off Her Bare Baby Bump

By Johnny Lopez


She's showing off her maternal curves!

Pregnancy queen Coco Austin flaunted her blossoming belly in a new snap on Instagram.

SHEER BEAUTY! Coco Stuns in Sexy Maternity Gown

With her hand gently caressing her exposed baby bump, the 36-year-old posed alongside her adorable dog as she gave fans an update on her first pregnancy.

"I hit my 34 week mark into pregnancy," the mom-to-be wrote. "Pregnancy is still going unbelievably smooth ! I have a little battle with heart burn but nothing to complain about.. Craving a lot more sweets than normal like frozen yogurt and#chanelnicole is a little over 4 pounds already!"

This is reality star's latest update since announcing her pregnancy in July and posting an ultrasound video of her bundle of joy last month.

BABY'S FIRST VIDEO! Coco Shares Ultrasound of Unborn Daughter

Married since 2002, she and husband Ice-T previously revealed they were expecting a girl and had chosen the name Chanel.

With a little over a month to go, Coco is already a proud mama.



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