Pregnant Coco Austin Flashes Bare Baby Bump in Animal Print Bra

By Johnny Lopez


Coco Austin is letting it all hang out.

The pregnant superstar celebrated her 36th week of pending motherhood with an Instagram photo flaunting her blossoming belly in an animal print bra. Eat your heart out, Victoria's Secret!

"I'm behind on my baby bump pics," the curvaceous mom-to-be wrote to her 1.4 million followers. "This is from week 36! On Thanksgiving in 3 days i will be 37 weeks!"

BELLY NICE! Coco Says She Has a Tiny Baby Bump

While the reality starlet has a lot to be thankful this year, she's also been vigilant about keeping her rabid fanbase up to date on all the latest news as she maneuvers elegantly through her first pregnancy.

Besides posting a plethora of revealing bump photos, the 36-year-old writes a baby blog and even shared an ultrasound video of her bundle of joy.

FLAUNT IT! Pregnant Coco Bares Her Goods

Legally married since 2002, she and husband Ice-T previously revealed they were expecting a girl and had chosen the name Chanel.

With just about a month to go, Coco is sure to have the best Christmas ever.



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