Rob And Blac Chyna: There's A 0% Chance That This Thing Lasts

We've been polite until now, as we've watched this unlikely relationship unfold over the last three months. We're thrilled that Rob seems happy and healthy, and we were shocked along with the rest of the world when the pair got engaged.

But it's time for a reality check... and there's a 0% chance that this thing lasts.

Why? Well... every single red flag in the world.

First there's the speed of the whole thing. Remember that time a few months ago when you were ringing in the new year? These two weren't even together yet!

You've had summer flings that lasted longer than these two have been together. You've probably had a cold that has lasted longer than this relationship.

Furthermore, his family does't really seem to be on board. Always a bad sign.

Every one of the Kardashians who has been married has also been divorced. Another strike against this pair.

On top of it all, it's a media circus, AND his sister is dating her ex-fiance. There could be motives here other than love. Fame? Money? Revenge? Publicity?

On top of all that, Rob has admitted that he's a cheater, and Blac Chyna was rumoured to have cheated on her ex Tyga.

This relationship is still going strong for now, but in our expert opinion, it will implode. We see it peaking mid summer, and give it an expiration date of September 15th.

CRI says this won't fly.


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