Rob Kardashian's New Beginning with Tyga's Baby Mama, Blac Chyna

By Jason Marshall


Another day, another Instagram tease surrounding the return of Rob Kardashian

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The latest "new photo" of Kim's younger brother comes not from his own account, but from that of the infamous Blac Chyna.



A photo posted by (@blacchyna) on


Simply captioned, "the begining," the snapshot was shared early Monday and seems to show Kardashian's heavily tatted up left arm wrapped around Tyga's baby mama. 

And whether it's worth noting or not, an emoji of a four leaf clover accompanied Chyna's sentimental post. 

All of this evidence put together has, of course, led many fans to wonder if the pair are romantically involved in one way or another. It also makes you wonder how Miss Kylie Jenner feels about the situation, considering she's the 26-year-old rapper's main squeese nowadays.   

Here's a side-by-side of today's photo and a close-up of what we're thinking is the matching piece on Rob's skin.


Source: Blac Chyna / Instagram / Getty Images


Now, it's very possible the image isn't new because Chyna used to pal around with Kim Kardashian on the regular. So it's probably safe to assume she had interactions / became friendly with the now-elusive sock salesman. 

And Rob's had those tattoos for years... the picture above is from an event in 2013. 

Whatever the case may be, it seems - at the very least - that Rob's diabetes diagnosis has kickstarted his return to the public eye.

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It'll take some time, though, to see if that is a good idea or a bad one.



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