Rob Kardashian: Who Wore Him Better?


Rob Kardashian has had two very public relationships, which played out several years apart. He's been through a lot in between these two relationships, as he's dealt with personal issues. But we've watched all of this play out in the public eye, and our question today is - of course - "who wore Rob better?"

Adrienne Bailon looks every-inch a pop princess alongside Rob. She paired her Kardashian with a short white strapless dress, sparkly shoes and clutch, and a huge smile. Rob is in a stylish gray striped suit with black button down and open collar. We love this snap because they both look so young and carefree - before the world started to bog Rob down!

Years later, Blac Chyna paired Rob with a skin tight, cleavage bearing black dress that leaves little to the imagination. Rob is in his usual t-shirt and baseball cap.

So who wore Rob better? This one goes to Adrienne.



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