Who Wore Him Better?


Ryan Gosling: Who Wore Him Better?

Ryan Gosling is an accessory who has been worn by many women. But unlike most accessories - it doesn't even matter how many other women wear him. Because no matter how popular this accessory becomes, it's never going out of style. A Ryan Gosling is like a quilted Chanel bag.

So for today's "Who Wore Him Better?" We're looking at Rachel McAdams vs. Sandra Bullock. Please note that we don't have his current lady - Eva Mendes - in the running. When I put a current girlfriend against a past girlfriend, you guys clobber me on social media. I'm listening to you... at least for today. And I appreciate your fierce sense of loyalty to these celebrity relationships. So today, the playing field is even! An ex versus an ex.

Rachel McAdams has paired her Gosling with pink hair, an ugly dress, and the most beautiful on screen relationship we've ever known in "The Notebook." Thanks a lot guys for making all of our relationship hopes and dreams come true, and then ruining it for everybody.

But before Rachel McAdams, there was Sandra Bullock. I bet some of you out there are all like, "What Jackie!? You made this up." But I did not. I know all things about celebrity relationships. It's like being psychic, but in the past.... (what?)... anyway...

Sandra has paired her Gosling with weird floral dress and a choker necklace.

The Gosling itself is dressed in a suit and tie with a neutral disposition in both looks.

So who do you think wore him better? I must weigh in on this one... Rachel all the way. Because Rachel and Ryan go together like peanut butter and jelly, a fine wine and an aged cheese, or - the ultimate pairing - Allie and Noah.


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