VIDEO: Ryan Reynolds Reveals What He Loves About Fatherhood

The cutest family in Hollywood just got cuter. And we've learned about one more reason why Blake Lively is one lucky lady!

Her husband Ryan Reynolds told The Today Show this morning that he doesn't mind doing the dirty work when it comes to their 1-year old daughter James. What does that entail exactly? Getting up in the middle of the night! Not only does he do it, but he says he loves it.

He's been gushing about his daughter James recently (whom he calls "Shrimpie") saying that she's a dream come true for him.

She seems a little less impressed with him though... When Shrimpie saw dad on TV Sunday in his Super Bowl ad - she recognized him (all 12 of him, we should say), but didn't give him too much attention for it.

Blake and Ryan seem to be navigating parenthood gracefully, and Shrimpie is our favorite thing about this pair since their 2012 wedding.


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