Sam Smith Says He's Never, Ever Had a Boyfriend

By Jason Marshall


Wait a minute, what did you just say?

Sam Smith, known for his hauntingly sweet, songs of heartbreak, just said, out loud, that he's never, ever had a boyfriend. 

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...our apologizes go out to dancer Jonathan Zeizel and reality star Charlie King.

In an interview with E!, the 23-year-old broke the news while discussing his involvement with James Bond's latest outing in the upcoming Spectre



"I've never had a boyfriend so I don't really know any different, which I think is very lucky actually," he told E! News when asked what it's like to date as a celebrity. "I'm still learning on what's right and what's normal in dates."

"I think with anyone," he continues, "you have to learn how to trust people and there's different challenges and hurdles in my life now but I'm trying to remain as normal as I was before."

In spite of those comments, the "Drowning Shadows" crooner was linked with King in April after a lowkey tweet flew online.



He was also linked with Zeizel a few months prior to that, with reports of their split coming in January.



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Apparently neither was as serious as anyone thought, at least not in Sam's eyes. 

"Is anyone ready for a relationship? Who knows," he said in conclusion. And when it comes to what it might take for a man to become his someone special, Smith doesn't seem to know what that form that would take.

"I've been single for 23 years so I don't know. It's going to take something."

While you soak in the realities of the pop star's love life, take a gander below at his music video for Smith's theme to Spectre - which just so happens to hit movie theaters on November 6th.




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