Seal Admits The Thing He Disliked Most About Heidi Klum

By Jason Marshall


What is it like to be "The Body's" husband?

Seal found out what it was like to live where the grass is greener during his marriage to supermodel Heidi Klum and, from the sound of a recent interview, things weren't always champagne and caviar. 

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In a chat Monday with Andy Cohen on Sirius XM, the singer opened up about his and Heidi's life together - touching on both the good times and the bad.

When asked about his annual vow renewals with the Project Runway host, which were extravagant to say the very least, he was quick to point out that he could have easily done without the hooplah. 

"That was my ex-wife’s idea, to be honest," he told Cohen. "It kind of turned into a circus which I wasn’t terribly fond of. Because I’m, by default, I’m quite a private person."

Seal and Klum were originally married in 2005 and have four children together. 

Seal adds that he went along with it on a yearly basis because, "you're married, you become a team player, and you understand that each of you have different lives and you do whatever you can to support your partner’s life." While he added that the renewing of the vows was "cool," he questioned how "necessary" it was.

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When Cohen commented that it seemed like a "big public thing," Seal interjected, "Which is what I disliked most about it."

"Like I said, relationships are all about committing, they’re all about support and you do things for the greater good and the greater good in our case was always the family," he finished.



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