Selena Gomez Helps Andy Cohen Revive Nick Jonas' Gay Rumors

By Jason Marshall


Every gay man would really like for Nick Jonas to be gay... at least, that's what Andy Cohen said Sunday night on Watch What Happens Live

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The self-proclaimed level 10 homosexual had Selena Gomez in his alcohol-fueled hot seat for a game of "Plead the Fifth" and wanted to get her take on whether or not the Kingdom and Scream Queens star would ever go gay in real life. 

Watch the video below to see how well her gaydar's working these days:



"I dated him" she responds with a laugh. "Like, zero."

Does anyone think the "Good for You" singer realizes how many hearts she just crushed?

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If you count yourself among the heartbroken, get lost down the rabbit hole of distraction that is the collective dating histories of Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez (both listed above). 



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