Selena Wants Fans To Move On From Her Relationship With Justin

Selena Gomez wants her fans to know that she absolutely can keep her hands to herself when it comes to ex Justin Bieber. But she's can't keep her hands out of the drama.

Fans just can't seem to move on from the pair's relationship, which lasted from 2011 to 2014, and Selena is OVER IT! She wants her message to be heard loud and clear.

This came to a head when she posted a clip of her singing a Lil Wayne song to her Instagram. She's singing along to the song "Single," and fans immediately jumped to conclusions - associating the song with her ex.


Selena was not amused. E! News reports she started posting comments like, "That's a joke. I was singing to Lil Wayne. My life isn't about my ex," and even appeared to commented more asking fans to screenshot her comments.


So now screenshots are turning up of what appear to be Selena's comments, although no one's been able to confirm for sure that they're real. One says, "I want to delete my Instagram. There's no drama. Everyone else creates drama. Including this post."

Selena - you are hotter than Bieber anyway. Lets all just move on! You do you girl, you do you.


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