Superman Likes 'Em Young

Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice is set to be released March 25th, and it's hard not to notice the super sexy Superman Henry Cavill. Don't get too excited about the 32-year old actor though, unless you've just graduated from high school. He's recently started dating a 19-year old. Though his girlfriend is young, he describes her as mature. But we can't help but wonder, just how mature can a nineteen year old be?
Cavill makes it hard to criticize him though as he claims to be "loyal to a fault," and describes his girlfriend as "fantastic." He told Elle magazine he was super intimidated when he met his girlfriend Tara King, and thought to himself, "don't mess this up!"  

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To make it clear just how attractive Cavill really is, Glamour magazine named him the #1 Sexiest Man after starring as Superman in Man of Steel. I'm guessing when Batman vs. Superman comes out in March, both college students and their mothers alike will be swooning over the British actor.  

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