Breaking Down Those Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Break-Up Rumors

By Jason Marshall


UPDATE: Taylor's publicist Tree Paine has spoken out and told the online community what most of us already knew... take anything from Radar Online with a grain of salt. 



Following in Paine's footsteps, the world's highest paid DJ took to his own Twitter to let it be known that legal issues await anyone ballsy enough to follow in Radar Online's footsteps.



Has Taylor Swift found her next power anthem or has the Internet officially lost its damn mind?

The "Bad Blood" singer is in the news more than usual this week - thanks to rumors she split from Calvin Harris after he spent two hours in a Los Angeles hotspot famous for its happy endings

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Conflicting (and sometimes confusing) reports have surfaced recently, claiming Swifty has abandoned her ab-tastic boyfriend of seven months.  

Radar Online has the juicier scoop, which alleges Taylor broke up with Harris after lying to her about why he'd been spotted leaving a Thai Massage Parlor in Los Angeles on September 12th. They originally reported, along with Heat Magazine and Hollywood Life, that a break-up was being considered thanks to the attention caused by the publishing of photos taken as Calvin left his two-hour massage session.  

Perez Hilton had debunked Radar's original story last week thanks to a now-deleted tweet from the DJ, which fired back at online gossip cops. 

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"I don't know what the guy who makes up stories for newspapers looks like but it's probably similar to this," wrote Calvin on October 6th. He had also uploaded a comical photo of himself next to a friend wearing novelty eye-glasses. 

And whether or not you believe what Radar has to say, they aren't the only outlet out for relationship blood. 

Grazia Magazine, via Metro, recently reported that talk of marriage and long-term committment had been Calvin and Taylor's undoing. 

“Talk of them marrying freaked them both out, neither is ready and suddenly having all this speculation took its toll. Calvin has found the circus surrounding their relationship overwhelming,” the source said. “It was incredibly intense so they’ve taken a step back and are cooling things off.”

Swift and Harris have been dating since meeting at the Brit Awards this past February. 

Neither of the musicians have confirmed or denied the latest round of break-up stories. 



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