Taylor Swift’s Squad Is About To Have The BEST Summer Ever


Taylor Swift's squad has had a tumultuous couple of weeks. First, Selena Gomez gets caught in the middle of a scandal when photos emerged of her snuggling up to Katy Perry's boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. Next, Taylor Swift gets dumped by Calvin Harris. And most recently, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik call it quits.

Things have been rough, but now that it's all behind them, this group of besties is perfectly poised to have the best summer of all time.

What could possibly be more fun than partying the summer away with your best friends when your friends also happen to be the most gorgeous and successful supermodels and singers in the world??

Taylor Swift's annual Fourth of July party is coming up at her Connecticut beach house, and we're suspecting that these ladies are pretty capable of pulling together a fresh crop of the world's most eligible bachelors for said party. So who are we going to see there?? Chace Crawford? Zac Efron? Leonardo DeCaprio? Prince Harry? And what couples might emerge from this party?

Anything's possible. All we know is that we're expecting to see all of our favorite girls out partying together more than ever before - and we CAN'T WAIT to see what summer flings come out of this. Can this please be a reality show so we can watch and have front row seats to all the fun?


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