Terrence Howard Secretly Divorced His Third Wife Mira Pak

By Johnny Lopez


Terrence Howard's real life has more drama than an episode of EMPIRE.

While in the middle of a contentious lawsuit with his second wife Michelle Ghent, it was revealed that the 46-year-old actor secretly divorced his third wife, Mira Pak, last month. They married in 2013.

According to the NY Daily News, Park started divorce proceedings in March while still pregnant with the couple's child. They welcomed a son, Qirin Love, two months later in May 2015.

In the documents, it also states that Terrence and Mira haven't lived together since August 2014.

News of the divorce came to light on Monday, during closing arguments of the Oscar nominated star's court case with his second wife (Michelle Ghent, below).


The former couple - who wed in 2010 - have been involved in a bid to overthrow their 2012 divorce settlement. Howard has alleged that Ghent tried to blackmail him by threatening to release "embarrassing" recordings of the actor if he didn't up her settlement.

A judge is expected to rule on the case next week.

Terrence has been married a total of four times, including twice to his first wife Lori McCommas. They had three children together before divorcing for the second time in 2007.

And here we thought Cookie Lyon was a handful!



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