The Baldwins, Bettys, and Boinkfests of Clueless

As if! Am I totally buggin' or are we seriously in need of some catchin' up with these bettys and baldwins? So, who's gone to Hagsville, who's been Jeepin' and who's a full on Monet now? It's Throwback Thursday, Clueless edition!

Alicia Silverstone was Cher, everyone's favorite valley girl. She is totally, majorly, butt crazy in love with - well, not Josh, but her husband of 11 years, Christopher Jarecki! They have a son named... get this... Bear Blu. I'm totally wiggin' over this.


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Stacy Dash - or Dionne - and her boyfriends are still in a dramatic relationship. In fact, she's been married - and divorced - three times. Maybe, it's because they called her "woman?"

Paul Rudd - or Josh - is married to Julie Yaeger and has two kids. Hopefully, she's not a superficial space cadette.


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Donald Faison, who played Murray, married Jessica Simpson's bestie, CaCee Cobb, who you might remember from her appearences on Newlyweds. They have two children together, and he has four older children as well from previous relationships.


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Elisa Donovan played Amber - or AMBULAR! - and her designer, imposter perfume eventually hooked her a husband, Charlie Bigelow. Together, they have a daughter, Scarlett Averly.


Jeremy Sisto played Elton, and he married Addie Lane in 2009. Hopefully, she can help him find his Cranberries CD on the quad.


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And finally, everyone's favorite loadie - Travis, played by Brecklin Meyer. Brecklin married Deborah Kaplin in 2001 but divorced in 2012. He has two daughters.

And with that, I'm Audi!


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