The Cast Of Gossip Girl And Who They're With Now

They were arguable the most attractive and posh group of fictitious friends ever to grace the small screen. So, where are they now? More importantly, who are they with? Hang onto your headbands and have Dorota pour you a strong martini, because you know you love me. Xoxo.


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Let's start with Serena van der Woodsen, also known as Blake Lively. She's married to Ryan Reynolds, as we all know, and her life is working out perfectly, just as Serena's would have been.

How about Blair Waldorf? Like Blake, Leighton Meester also has a little one now - with Adam Brody, who played Seth on 'The O.C." They're famously private about their relationship and their baby.

Nate Archibald - or Chace Crawford as we know him now - was the handsome lost rich boy of the series. There have been rumors linking him to Nina Dobrev recently.


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Chuck Bass - or Ed Westwick - recently insisted in an interview, “I'm still very single." We can't imagine why though.


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Penn Badgley famously once dated his co-star, Blake Lively. These days, he tries to fly under the radar and has no such beautiful blonde by his side. Could it have to do with this creepy beard he's grown? Free Penn from the #weirdbeard!

That's all for now. Xoxo.


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