The Hills: Who's Engaged, Who's Married, and Who's Pregnant?!

It's been 10 years since we first tuned in to watch The Hills - back when the stories of Lauren, Heidi, Audrina, and Whitney were all still unwritten. Now, its four stars are falling in love, getting married, and having babies.


They're all grown up, and it's an exciting time in many of their lives. Get ready to shed a single, marcara-filled tear.



Heidi Montag was Lauren Conrad's best friend, roommate, and sidekick. Her relationship with Spencer Pratt was the center of most of the drama on the show from the beginning - and also what ultimately drove a wedge between the two friends forever.


10 years later, "Speidi" is the unlikely lasting love story of the show. Heidi's had many years to settle into both her marriage - which aired on the show - and her huge amounts of plastic surgery. Today, the pair lives a quiet but seemingly happy life together in a small town near Santa Barbara.


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Audrina Patridge is expecting her first child... and no it's not with Justin Bobby. That relationship has been over since homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. She's engaged to baby daddy Corey Bohan. And it should be noted that Corey looks freakishly like Justin Bobby. Evidence:


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He popped the question at the end of last year.


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Whitney Port married Tim Rosenman in a Palm Springs Ceremony in November. The studious and well-bahaved one of the bunch rarely shared her love life on the show, but we did get a better glimpse into her personal life on her spinoff show The City. The stunning beauty made a gorgeous bride!


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Just kidding. Lauren Conrad has long since lived down the curse of her Teen Vogue editor - who told her "Lauren will always been known as the girl who didn't go to Paris." The now world famous designer famously skipped the once in lifetime work trip to spend the summer at the beach with boyfriend Justin Wahler - proving she's been a romantic at heart all along! And it finally paid off. She married Something Corporate band member William Tell in a beautiful California wedding and the pair is living happily ever after.


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