The Truth About Holly & Kendra's Relationship With Each Other

It has been almost a decade since The Girls Next Door premiered - introducing us to Holly, Bridget and Kendra. They were Hugh Hefner's three live-in girlfriends, and they did everything together, but we always sensed some tension between Holly and Kendra.

They're both confirming that now, speaking out about their dislike for one another.

It started with the release of Holly's book Down the Rabbit Hole last June, in which she claimed that her friendship, with Kendra, was never authentic because Kendra "pushed her away." She also alleges that Kendra was never really interested in Hugh.

Kendra is firing back now, saying on KIIS 1065, "She said ‘Oh , I didn't want to be friends with her,' which was true because we were never friends from the start. The worst thing is having to be fake friends for fame, for this industry, and I hate that feeling. I'm not a fake person. I love real friends. I love real family. I love real. So the worst part, the worst thing is just being forced to be friends with somebody because of TV."

According to E! News, Kendra continued, "It's such a different story than what she played while she was there. I mean he gave her the world. He gave her money, cars, diamond rings, diamond things, like you know. Prada, Gucci, like everything she ever wanted and more. And the next thing you know it's, ‘I never wanted anything."

Holly has called Kendra "the fakest person I've ever met," and says in her book that "Kendra and I haven't spoken since, and I have to say, I don't miss her."

Ouch! Some strong words. We can't wait to hear what she has to say about Kendra's latest interview. We thought that by now this feud would die off, but it's only heating up more!



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