Topanga Is Single! Who Should She Date Next?

We've recently learned that Danielle Fishel - probably better known to most of us as Topanga from Boy Meets World and its spinoff Girl Meets World - has quietly divorced her husband of two years Tim Belusko.

The divorce was finalized in March, and the pair managed to keep things quiet since then.

Despite being gorgeous and famous, Danielle has had a tough time with relationships. She and Tim dated for years before entering into their short marriage. We all remember her first boyfriend was Lance Bass, who of course is married to Michael Turchin now.

They were cute at prom though... we're just saying, maybe she doesn't know how to pick the right guy for herself. That's okay though because we here at CRI, we EXCEL at this challenge.

Danielle... maybe the right choice has been right in front of you the entire time. Your best friend since childhood, on-screen boyfriend-turned-husband, and favorite co-worker Ben Savage. PS BEN SAVAGE HAS BEEN SINGLE THIS ENTIRE TIME!


Do you want more signs from us, Danielle? You've already had an on-screen wedding together, so you know how this is done. You would make the world so so happy and bring resolution to one of the world's greatest wishes for over 20 years.

Marry Ben Savage. It's the right thing to do - for you, for us, for The Disney Channel, and for Mr. Feeny.



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