Tyga: Who Wore Him Better?

Tyga's two most famous exes - Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna - continue to confuse us. Are they friends? Are they enemies? Are they pretending to be friends and making the best of a totally weird situation since Chyna is pregnant with Kylie's brother's baby? We can't solve all of those mysteries today, but we can clear up one very pressing question: Who wore Tyga better?

Kylie looks completely glam in this structured crochet gown and lace up booties. Tyga is looking as put together as Tyga ever looks (that's not necessarily saying much) in a coordinating all-white ensemble.

The always classy Chyna is wearing a too-short-to-be-true, tight gold dress that shows her huge thigh tattoo and platform shoes. Tyga is looking like even more of a mess than usual, with an unbuttoned silk patterned shirt, dress pants and velvet loafers, a baseball cap, his signature gold chains on his naked tattooed chest, and an open bottle of booze.

So who wore him better? This one definitely goes to Kylie. 



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