Wait… This Thing Is Still Happening?? Miley & Liam’s Bounce House Wedding


Everytime we think this thing is over, Miley and Liam resurface! Let's review for a minute: their romance began when they were filming the 2010 romantic movie "The Last Song" ... that was when Miley was more "Hannah Montana" and less "wrecking ball."

Liam seemed like a great match for Miley before her complete transformation into a different person. But now? Their relationship confuses us. Add in their mid-relationship breakup (remember when Miley dated a Schwarzenegger??), their decision to move in together again (and then maybe move out again?), and seeing her with the ring and without it... we are shocked that - of all Hollywood relationships - THIS is the one that seems to be making it! But no matter how bizarre the relationship, we're always rooting for love here at CRI, so good for them!

The latest is that the wedding is back on and possibly being held in Australia with inflatable bounce houses. We expect that - if this wedding happens - it will be as unusual as their relationship has been!


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