We Thought Of The PERFECT Match For Ashley Olsen

The Olsen twins are a complete and total mystery.

Despite being gorgeous, wealthy, famous, and some might say brilliant... they prefer to keep a low profile, defy trends, stay out of headlines, and dress in a way that we respect and envy but don't understand at all.

The child stars grew up to be some of the most successful fashion designers of our time. They seem to love creativity, but prefer to be behind the scenes and out of the limelight.

Of the two, Ashley seems to be the more private Olsen... and that's saying a lot since Mary-Kate got married to Olivier Sarkosy last year and we still haven't seen a single picture.

Ashley is still on the market - and it's a daunting task to match a star who is so mysterious... but we think we found someone who just might be perfect: Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

He's another fiercely private former child star - opting out of fame and coming back into the industry in a more behind-the-scenes, creative role.

He would understand the unique life perspective from which Ashley operates and respect the private life she's chosen. Furthermore - they're both gorgeous... and incredibly short.

Ladies and gentlemen... I think we have a match. You're welcome, Ashley Thomas and fans of '90s sitcoms everywhere.



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