We're Breaking Down The Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Mystery


This might be the most confusing relationship mystery we've seen yet. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx: Are they dating? Are they engaged? Are they married? Is she expecting? Or are they just friends? Neighbors? Basically strangers?

Anything seems possible right now, but here's what we know. They have been photographed together exactly two times, and hung out when Katie was still with Tom Cruise. In fact, Jamie was good enough friends with Tom and Katie that he attended their wedding in Italy.


Jamie and Katie live near each other in Los Angeles. Some sources have come forward to E! News saying that the pair has been dating for YEARS, they may or may not live together at Jamie's house, and that it's not a secret among their friends. Others sources are saying that the know each other - but they're just friends.

Adding fuel to the fire, Katie Holmes has been seen in recent months wearing what appears to be an engagement ring - and BOTH of them have been seen wearing what look like wedding rings. A photo also surfaced last year of the pair holding hands. OH THIS IS GETTING GOOD!!

Katie is famously private, so it's not unthinkable that she went out of her way to keep this romance quiet... especially after her very public relationship with Tom Cruise.

Our professional opinion is that they are indeed together. The hand holding, engagement ring, and secrecy all point to a romance!



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