What Are Coco And Ice-T's Secrets To A Happy Marriage?


It was just last week that Ice-T was giving R-rated details about his love life with Coco, and now it's Coco who's giving us a more PG glimpse into their marriage secrets.

"Massage time—he needs his massages. He needs his X-Box time. You give him that time and he's a happy camper for the rest of the day," Coco told E! News in an interview, adding "and if he has grape Kool-Aid in the refrigerator at all times."

Grape Kool-Aid and X-Box? Is this a marriage or an after-school playgroup!? Glad to know Ice is still a kid at heart! It probably makes him a better daddy to baby Chanel.

So what about Coco? What does Ice have to do to keep her happy?

"I'm pretty simple," she admitted to E! News. "I am easy. You know what I'm liking on the massage level, now that I'm holding a little thing—literally holding her back and forth, back and forth—I'm getting really strong without even going to the gym. It's becoming a baby muscle right now...but it's pulling me down. Not just the boobs are pulling me down on a milk level."

That might be TMI... but TMI is part of why we love them! They've been together for 14 years and are still going strong. They're definitely doing something right!


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