What Are The Odds Teresa & Joe Giudice's Marriage Survives Prison Round 2?

Teresa & Joe Giudice vowed to spend their lives by each other's sides 17 years ago - and these past few years have taken "good times and bad times" to a whole new level.

The couple is famously serving consecutive prison sentences after they were convicted of bankruptcy fraud and failure to file income tax returns. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has finished her sentence and Joe is one month into his.

Years apart can't be good for a marriage, especially when it's supplemented with humiliation in the public eye, but these two seem rock solid. With four little girls, they're making it work to the best of their ability, and even divorce rumors haven't dragged them down.

So what's our professional opinion on this pair? We think they're in it to win it.

Teresa had her first visit with Joe since he went into prison and sources have said she was so happy to see them. See... the truth is that tough times like this can make you closer. Their 17-year marriage, big family, and tough times are all working in their favor. And perhaps most importantly? They seem to bring each other up and find ways to be positive and strong even in the darkest of times. And that's what relationships and marriages are all about in the end.

Say what you want about this reality duo, their crimes, or their lives... but we think their marriage will last.


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