What Attack Did "Team Johnny Depp" Launch On Amber Heard's Character?

Yesterday, it was Amber Heard who was making headlines when abuse allegations from her past surfaced. Today, it's one of Johnny Depp's close friends who is at the center of the drama du jour. 

"As a close personal friend of Johnny Depp's for over 30 years, I've only seen him to be one of the kindest, gentlest, most sensitive and generous human beings I've ever had the great pleasure to know," Jonathan Shaw stated about his friend. The post on Facebook continues by claiming, "The man is constitutionally incapable of raising a violent hand to a woman."

He then goes on to attack Amber's character. "Everything I know about Amber Heard, however (and it's a lot), seems to support the many claims that she is a lying, two-faced, bottom-feeding fame whore, who lives by the old Hollywood code of "hurray for me and f--k you!" It's disgustingly obvious to anyone with half a brain that the absurd contrived allegations about Johnny's behavior are nothing but a pathetic and desperate attempt to extort money from my dear little brother. Period."

The post was accompanied by the picture below:

There is so much bitter going on here! Maybe rightly so - it's still too soon to say. All we know is that we are sad for everyone involved.


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