What Big Plans Do Chrissy Teigan And John Legend Have for Their Family?

Chrissy Teigan and John Legend were an adorable couple to begin with. Next, they were an adorable family, with the addition of baby Luna. But now, we hearing rumors that they have big plans to expand their family even more.

A source told E! News that, "John and Chrissy do want another baby sooner rather than later." So... does that mean just one? The source went on to imply that there could be multiple babies in the future! "They both always wanted a big family."

They've handled the first two months as parents with such ease and grace that we're sure two or three more children will be a breeze for them! They were back out on the town just a week after Chrissy gave birth, and have been spotted out everywhere from restaurants to the NBA Finals since then.

Chrissy famously chose the gender of her baby. Do you think she'll choose the gender of the rest of her children? We can only assume that she will!

This is a couple that we think is rock solid, and a big family only increases our faith in them.


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