What Did Ellen Degeneres Say About Her First Kiss & Same Sex Couples On-Screen?

While promoting Finding Dory, the voice of the forgetful fish is opening up about her past!

In an interview with E! News, Ellen Degeneres reveals the details of her first kiss.

"It was this guy in New Orleans," she confided. Now, of course, she's been with Portia de Rossi for well over a decade. They're they most famous same-sex couple in the world, so what does Ellen think about the first openly gay couple in a Disney/Pixar film? There's a scene in Finding Dory with two women pushing a baby carriage, and it's a detail that Ellen didn't know about until the movie came out.

"I personally think it's a great thing," she said, according to E! News. "I think everything that we see in the media—whether it's television or film or anything you see—should represent everything that's happening in the world. I think everybody that is in the world should be seen and represented."

Of course - being Ellen - she couldn't give a completely serious answer. She went on to react in the most hilarious way possible. 

"One woman has a very bad short haircut, which I find very offensive," she said, joking. "If that's the definition of a gay woman, then how dare you? Just because someone has a short, bad haircut doesn't mean she's gay. [She just has a] bad hairdresser."

She continued, "It's a great conversation. Whether they intended it to be a woman with a bad, short haircut being gay or not, I think it's a great thing."

Gotta love Ellen - for so many reasons!


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