What Do We Really Think Of The Guys On "The Bachelorette?"

We're a couple weeks into JoJo's season of "The Bachelorette," and we've had a few episodes to analyze her options. So what do we really think of this crop of guys? Unfortunately, not much.

Jordan, who is the brother of Aaron Rodgers, has been the fan favorite. We think he is only on this show to promote his career and become a bigtime sports commentator. We would even go so far as to predict that JoJo is contractually obligated to make him the runner-up, or that ABC has already promised him the role as the next Bachelor.

Following the two night special this week, we think that most of these guys are more interested in fighting with each other than fighting for JoJo. In fact, we think that Evan might even be a paid plant.

We still like Derek, but Chase is now our frontrunner. Following the couple's steamy yoga date, we think they have the best chemistry and he is one of her few good options!



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