Who Will Ben Choose!?


What Made Ben Cry?!

Drama Drama Drama. And ironically, it wasn't even with the girl who was sent home! (Sigh. Producers.)


Okay, where do we begin?! Ben visited the hometowns of Amanda, Lauren, Caila, and Jojo. The first three went off without a hitch, although Ben did seem completely overwhelmed and at a loss for words throughout the entire episode. Father after father and brother after brother seemed like they just weren't getting the answers that they needed out of him!

This really came to a head when he visited Jojo's hometown of Dallas. To put it frankly - Jojo's two older brothers were not having his vague and non-commital answers about the relationship - concluding that Jojo is much more in love with Ben than he is with her.


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But when it came to the rose ceremony, it wasn't Jojo who went home but rather mother of two Amanda.


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But she's so sweet, Ben! What are you DOING?! He clearly knows this because he cried like a little girl.

Next week the three remaining girls will head into the fantasy suite with Ben. And we all know what happens there.


Sometimes it feels like that's the only thing we can depend on with this show! Well... there's also always...



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