What Made Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Fall Even More In Love?

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett and Hank Baskett snuck away for a romantic and secretive birthday trip to celebrate Kendra's 31st!

"Celebrated my birthday at Lake Powell these last couple days. Went crazzzzy n partied it up with a great group of friends. #31isthenew21," she wrote on Instagram along with one of many vacation pictures that she shared. "Can't party like us... Punk. #31stbirthday #lakepowell."

She added, "Thank you Lake Powell for being my bitch for my bday bash." It's nice to see that she's getting more sophisticated with age.

It's Hank's Instagram comments that gave us more insight into the romantic part of the trip. He said, "After an epic lake trip on a house boat and a 9 hr drive home I finally have enough service to be able to post one of my favorite pics from our trip. I rented a houseboat at Lake Powell for @kendra_wilkinson_baskett birthday and we were able to truly be away from it all and fall even more in love. The moments two people in love are able to share when they truly don't have a care in the world are priceless. I would give my baby the world if she asked for it but all she wanted was to get lost with me. I love you baby and Happy Birthday!"

After that message was posted, Kendra responded with a picture of the pair hugging, and the caption, "drunk in love." 



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They've had some rough times recently. There were rumors running rampant that Hank had an affair with a transgender woman when Kendra was eight months pregnant. It was a difficult time for the pair publicly, even though they have since come out and explained that the truth and the rumors didn't quite match up. The former NFL player and Playboy bunny have come out with their side of the story since those rumors... and the truth, they say, actually revolved around a drug transaction with the trangender woman - not an affair. Regardless - it was a publicity fiasco, and a rough year for their marriage. They seem to be bouncing back though.

As far as their odds in the longrun - they certainly both have their faults, but they've worked through some tough times and are back on track after seven years of marriage.



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