What's Actually Going On With Rihanna And Drake?

Drake and Rihanna are a couple we want to see back together... and this might not be wishful thinking since rumors have been swirling around the pair lately.

These two are so secretive that we never REALLY know what's going on with them. As you've surely heard, the latest is that they were secretly dating - and by now - may even be secretly broken up. There's a long secretive history here though, and you need to know it in order to interpret these recent developments!

Rihanna and Drake dated for about 5 years, from 2009 to 2014. Get this though - in that time, they NEVER confirmed their relationship publicly. It was their many moments of PDA that gave them away, and Ellen Degeneres once almost got confirmation in the form of jokes and games on her show.

Still - the fact that they've secretly dated before means they could definitely be secretly dating again! They're still being spotted together, there was that saucy performance at the Billboard Music Awards, and they hang out way too much to not be dating.

We think they are dating and we LOVE it.


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