Who Is Charlie Sheen Dating Now?


Charlie Sheen has kept quiet about his dating life since announcing that he's HIV positive in November. Now, he's finally breaking his silence.

He spoke to Extra this week, saying, “There’s nobody special right now. I’m not dating. I got my hands full with dealing with my health, taking care of my family.”

But the actor - who has 5 kids - made one thing incredibly clear... he has NO intentions of marrying again!

“I think I’d sooner walk on the moon in exactly what I’m wearing then head back to the altar,” he joked. “When you’re terrible at something, why keep doing it? I’m 0 for 3.”

In addition to his three marriages - to Donna Peele, Denise Richards, and Brooke Mueller - he was also engaged to Brett Rossi, but called it off.

We think that after the last couple of years he's had - being single sounds like the best thing he can do for himself right now. Even though we're in the business of hypothetical matchmaking, we think his perfect match right now is himself so he can work on his health and career, both of which seem to be doing okay.

He told Extra, "I think the world is starting to [realize] I’m not this hell raising lunatic that brings chaos whereever I show up." 


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