Who is Hilary Duff's New Man?!


Well, it's about time!

After a divorce and a brief foray into Tinder... Hilary Duff has found a new man! And how cute are they?!

E! News reports that she's casually dating her trainer, Jason Walsh. They got flirty in front of the cameras at the Los Angeles opening of Rise Nation Fitness Studio all the way back in August!

It's hard to know exactly when this turned from a professional relationship and friendship into something more romantic. What we do know is that they've been spending more and more time together outside of the gym.

They've been spotted out to dinner together, and just yesterday they were photographed on a walk in Soho.

During her time as a single woman - which lasted entirely too long - we had other ideas about who she should date next. But we approve of her choice!! Go Hilary!




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