Who Is The A-List Actor Who Might Be Britney Spears' Soulmate?


Britney Spears is way too hot and way too fabulous to be single. She's had a string of men by her side over the years, but few are household names, and none of them have stood the test of time.

So we dug into our index to try to find her the perfect guy. Here's a curveball for you: Owen Wilson.

Their entertainment careers both took off early, and they each have two children. Perhaps most importantly though is the fact that they've both suffered through some seriously tough times very publicly and made comebacks. Of course we all remember Britney's 2007 meltdown when she shaved her head and hit a car with a baseball bat. Did you know that Owen's dark times were during the same year?

They are very public people who have faced high pressure careers and public scrutiny.

On a lighter note though, we think Owen would definitely crash a wedding where he might have a shot at dating Britney! He's dated beautiful blonde stars before, like Kate Hudson. She's been all over the place in her dating life, but we think that she's just looking for someone who can understand and support her. They both have a quirky and goofy sense of humor, and neither has found the right person. We think she would appreciate Owen's silly and fun-loving personality.

Think about it! We think we have a match here!




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