Who Should Kourtney Kardashian Date Next? Our Vote Is In!

Kourtney Kardashian is back on the market and hotter and sassier than ever! She's been with Scott Disick forever - in fact, he's really the only person we've seen her with. So who would be a good candidate to date her next?

Well... it would have to be someone who was comfortable with the spotlight - and reality TV cameras rolling! It would also need to be someone who could handle three kids and who is comfortable stepping into that parent role.

Scott is a bit of a goofball - and she seems to be attracted to that! So we're keeping that in mind.

So who are we thinking? None other than The Bachelor's Juan Pablo! He got a bad wrap on the show for being slow to commit - but hey! So is she! He has a daughter, whom he prioritizes over all else, and he's no stranger to reality TV.

We think we may have a match here!



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