Who Should Kylie Jenner Date Next?


After 2 long years of on-again, off-again drama with Tyga, Kylie Jenner is finally single. While she might still be mourning the break up, we have already moved on, and are looking toward her next relationship!

So who do we think she should date next? Anything could happen, and we're not the only ones out there who have been speculating. Perez Hilton weighed in during the pair's last split - suggesting Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, and Michael B. Jordan as possible love interests for Kylie.

We don't see her choosing any of those guys - but we DO like another one of his suggestions. We think that Kylie and Big Sean could be a match.

Here's why it works... he's a rapper like Tyga, but better looking. He got his start working with Kanye West who is - of course - married to Kylie's sister Kim Kardashian... and we know that no one likes a complicated family tree more than the Kardashian-Jenner clan!

Big Sean is no stranger to dating a young diva. His little black book includes Ariana Grande, so we think he can handle Kylie.

We're only one Kanye introduction away from... what should we call them? Big Kylie?!



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