Who Should Selena Gomez Date Next?

She is the most popular person on planet Earth (according to Instagram), yet she is miraculously single. Her recent mishap with Orlando Bloom got us thinking... who should Selena Gomez date next?

While some still firmly believe she should reunite with Justin Bieber, we've outgrown this idea, and we think she has too.

We like the idea of her with someone a little bit older. She seems more mature and composed than a lot of her celebrity peers.

We're thinking Chace Crawford could be a good match for her. The former Gossip Girl star is 30 years old now and as handsome as ever. When describing her ideal man in the past, Selena has said he should be about 6 feet tall with blue eyes and well-educated. Chace studied at Pepperdine and happens to be 6 feet tall with blue eyes.

That sounds like checkmate for you, Selena. You and Chace are officially a match and would undoubtedly steal the title of cutest Hollywood "it couple." Your move, Selena!


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