Who Should Yolanda Foster Date Next?

Yolanda Foster needs a hero right now. We tuned into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale and our hearts collectively broke to see her marriage with her true love David Foster falling apart.

The reality star and mother of supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid has had a rough few years as she's battled Lyme Disease.

We're ready for a man who can support her and love her through her illness and be by her side for her fabulous Beverly Hills parties! So who's a good fit?

Like we said... she needs a hero right now. And when you think hero, you think Liam Neeson.

They're about the same age, neither is a stranger to the entertainment industry, and both are single.

He is, no doubt, a hero (which you know if you've seen any.... literally ANY of his movies). He's also decidedly compassionate, which is something she needs right now (Um, DUH! Have you seen Love Actually?!).

He lost his wife in a skiing accident in 2008, and Yolanda has now been through two divorces. She's no stranger to men in the entertainment industry, having married David Foster.

Both Yolanda and Liam have been through a lot, and deserve to be happy.

We think these two could be a perfect match.



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