Who We Want Hilary Duff To Date Next

Hilary Duff has been dating famous men since she was thirteen years old. And that hasn't worked out well for her. Her relationships with Aaron Carter, Frankie Muniz, and Joel Madden didn't work out. Now, at 28, she's divorced from Mike Comrie. But it seems like she's turning a new leaf and remaining optimistic about her love life.

She's on Tinder, which means that maybe she's looking for someone who is NOT a celebrity. So who? A banker? A lawyer? A doctor?

We have an idea...


A photo posted by Dr. Mike (@doctor.mike) on

We would like to see her with Dr. Mike, the real life McDreamy. You might remember him for getting quite a bit of attention recently for his good looks on Instagram. A hot commoner who understands the pressures of being in the public eye? Perfect!

She's a smart girl and could certainly keep up with him. And he probably grew up with posters of her on his bedroom walls. We really think this could work!


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