Who Will Taylor Swift Marry?

It's over for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, and we're already over it! We're more interested now in who she should date next.

Taylor Swift likes guys who are famous and powerful. She also likes guys who are successful and put together - but have a bad boy streak. Take John Mayer, or Harry Styles for example. She seems to date men her age or a little older - like Jake Gyllenhaal.

So what trends can we see in the men she chooses? From Joe Jonas to Taylor Lautner, to Calvin Harris - it seems that they have to succesful, handsome, and kind with a bit of an edge.

She's also the queen of the music scene, and has that good girl, sophisticated vibe going on. With her Connecticut mansion and pop royalty status, it was no surprise to us when she started dating someone from America's most powerful family - Conor Kennedy.

We have a different type of royalty in mind for our pop princess: Prince Harry.

They're two of the most famous people in the world, with good hearts, a sense of charity, and... oh yea. They're both incredibly hot. They also both know how to have fun, and prioritize friends and family.

Taylor is forever poised and perfect - and who would be better to be Kate Middleton's sister-in-law and auntie to Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

Our official vote for Taylor's best match? Prince Harry.


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