Who Will Win JoJo's Heart And Who Is The Next Bachelor?


It's almost finale time for The Bachelorette - which means it's time to place our final bets about how this thing goes down! We're down to the final two contestants - Jordan and Robby. So who will win JoJo's heart and who will be the next bachelor?

Ironically, Jordan is our frontrunner for both. He's the contestant we can easily seeing being the next bachelor, but he's also the contestant we can see getting engaged to JoJo.

We're going to go ahead and bet that he wins this thing - but whether the engagement lasts is another question entirely. It's no secret that these relationships are often flimsy - and in the interviews since filming wrapped, JoJo hasn't exactly seemed as happy and as in love as we hoped she might.

We bet Jordan wins, but we also don't think the relationship will last. We think he could STILL be the next bachelor too!


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