Who Wore Him Better: Joel Madden

Joel Madden is happily married to Nicole Richie now - but ten years ago, he was all about Hilary Duff! So who wore him better?

In this throwback picture with Hilary from 2006 in New York, she's obviously going through some sort of an artsy phase. She rocked brown hair, a hat, and an "I'm trying way too hard, but manage to sort of still pull it off" all-black ensemble. Meanwhile, Joel looks like Inspector Gadget on a walk of shame.

Nicole was so into her flower crown that she forgot to wear a shirt! Don't worry though Nicole... the orange silk pants-skirt is distracting us, so you're good. Joel is looking cool and casual and sort of like he wants to escape his wife at this particular flower-filled moment.

So who wore him better? This is a really tough one, but when in doubt - give it to the wife!


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