Who's Cuter: Ice & Coco Vs. Chrissy Teigan & John Legend

The world was graced recently with two very adorable little babies for two of Hollywood's "it" couples and we can't even stand the cuteness. So we decided to compare...

Which famous new family is cuter: Ice-T, Coco, and Chanel, or Chrissy, John, and Luna?

Neither of the couples has missed a beat since the birth of their daughters. Ice and Coco are still jetsetting all over with Chanel in tow. She's even accompanied mom on photo shoots!

Meanwhile, Chrissy and John were back out on date nights only a week after Luna was born. Luna has already been to her first basketball game and has been spotted on walks with her gorgeous parents.

So which family is cuter? We can't even! It's a tie. Weigh in on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to let us know what you think!


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