Why Are Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen's Love Lives Such A Mystery?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 30 today! It's hard to believe that our favorite child stars are so grown up, but it's even more difficult to understand how two of the biggest stars in the world became so private. Their mystery is part of why we are so intrigued by them!

Mary-Kate married Olivier Sarkosy in a small wedding at a private residence in New York last November. And almost seven months later, we still haven't seen a single picture from the big day. Sources said the tables were adorned with bowls of cigarettes and everyone smoked throughout the evening, but we have no idea what the bride wore, who was in attendance, or what the venue looked like! It might be the most mysterious celebrity wedding of all time.

Meanwhile - Ashley manages to be just as much of a mystery as Mary-Kate. She's reportedly been dating director Bennett Miller for a couple of years now. But have you ever noticed that you never see the sisters and their beaus in single picture together? Aparently, it's because Olivier and Bennett can't stand each other!

Well, that's a problem.

Both of these ladies like guys who are much older. On their 30th birthdays, they each are in committed relationships with men well into their 40s. But after years with Bennett, we don't see a ring on Ashley's finger. If there really is a family feud between these two, we hope that Ashley thinks long and hard about whether she wants to marry this guy! No relationship should ever get in the way of Mary-Kate and Ashley's relationship with each other!


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